The Words of the Das Gracas Family

 Table of Contents

A Testimony Of Life Experience By A Filipina Based In Brazil (Maria Dolor Benitez Barbosa Das Graças - September 10, 2007)

A Mother's Reflection From A Daughter's Cry (Dolor Barbosa das Gracas - October 29, 2007)

Our Proclamation Rally (Maria Dolor Barbosa das Gracas - September 25, 2010)

Sao Paolo Rally to proclaim the return of the Lord (Dolor Benitez Barbosa das Gracas - September 30, 2010)

Testimony about the Proclamation Rally (Soon Jin Barbosa Das Graças - November 1, 2010)

I Am The Church... (Maria Dolor Barbosa das Graças - November 25, 2010)

My Daughter's First Spiritual Child! (Maria Dolor Barbosa das Graças - December 1, 2010)

Blessing, Intimacy and Dancing (Maria Dolor Barbosa das Graças - December 5, 2010 pdf)

Testimonies of Pure Love Missionaries about the Rally in Osasco (Dolor Barbosa das Graças - February 20, 2011)

What is real Result? My Reflection (Dolor Barbosa das Graças - March 1, 2011)

A Precious Moment with My Daughter (Dolor Barbosa das Graças - March 3, 2011)

Upcoming Proclamation Rallies in Brazil (Dolor Barbosa das Graças - March 17, 2011)

Proclaiming the Second Coming of Christ in Sao Paulo (Dolor Barbosa das Gracas - April 2011)

Heavenly Meeting, 40+ Single Candidates in Brazil (Maria Dolor Barbosa das Gracas - July 18, 2016 pdf)

Brazil's Blessed Family Dept's 3-Day Seminar for Older Blessing Candidates (Maria Dolor Barbosa das Gracas - July 17, 2016 pdf)

Brazil held 3rd Parents Matching Convocation for 2nd gen and Jacob's children (Maria Dolor Barbosa das Graças - October 16, 2016 pdf)

WFWP Brazil hosted an afternoon tea: Peace Begins Within Me and My Family (Maria Dolor Barbosa das Gracas - November 11, 2017 pdf)

Brazil's BFD Seminar on Preparation to Start Family held in São Paulo (Maria Dolor Barbosa das Gracas - September 23, 2018 pdf)

Virtual International Parents Matching Convocation in Latin America - Aug. 29-30 (Maria Dolor Barbosa das Gracas - August 13, 2020 pdf)

FFWPU Brazil: Blessing Preparation Seminar for Second Generation Candidates (Maria Dolor Barbosa das Gracas - March 27, 2022 pdf)

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