The Words of Sun Myung Moon before 1955

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Crown of Glory (Poem) (1935)

True Father Departs Korea to Study in Japan (April 1, 1941 pdf)

True Father Released from His First Imprisonment (February 1, 1945 pdf)

True Father arrives in Pyeongyang, North Korea (Sunhak Institute of History - June 6, 1946 pdf)

True Father Released from Pyongyang Jail in North Korea (November 21, 1946 pdf)

True Father Arrested a 2nd Time in N. Korea on Christian Minister's accusations (February 22, 1948 pdf)

True Father Leaves Hungnam Prison, North Korea - October 14, 1950 (Sunhak Institute of History - October 14, 2019 pdf)

True Father Departs Pyongyang, North Korea for South Korea (December 4, 1950 pdf)

The Principled Solution to the Tangled Skein of History Begins in Korea (Wolli Wonbon - 1951 pdf)

True Father and Won Pil Kim Arrive in Pusan to Restart Father's Ministry (January 27, 1951 pdf)

What did my father's indignation just say? (May 10, 1952 - The Original Text of the Divine Principle pdf)

True Father Completes the Original Text of Divine Principle, Wolli Wonbon (Sunhak Institute of History USA - May 10, 1952 pdf)

The Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity (HSA-UWC) Founded (Sunhak Institute of History USA - May 1, 1954 pdf)

Words written by Reverend Sun Myung Moon to his first foreign missionary, [David] Sang Chul Kim, on his departure [from South Korea to his mission in Great Britain] (September 15, 1954 pdf)

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