Unification News for August 2001

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Hyun Jin Moon speaking in the Manhattan Center Grand Ballroom, July 14, 2001, New York City.
Rev. Sun Myung Moon addresses guests on July 13, 2001, at the Large Conference Room in the Korean Diet Members Office Building, Seoul Korea.
Audience listens as Rev. Sun Myung Moon speaks on July 13, 2001, at the Large Conference Room in the Korean Diet Members Office Building, Seoul Korea.
At the Unified Family Center on Masonic Avenue in San Francisco, circa 1962. Front: Pauline Verheyen, Young Oon Kim, Doris Orme. Second row: Gordon Ross, ?, Patty Pumphrey, ?. Third row: Barbara Vincenz, Edwin Ang. Back row: Peter Koch, Galen Pumphrey, George Norton, Doug Burns.
A 1963 Unified Temple revival meeting in Portland Oregon. From left: David Kim, John Schmidli, Vernon Pearson and Gerald Johnson.
David S. C. Kim and members of Portland Oregon's Unified Temple dine together, circa 1964.
A Unified Family leaders meeting at Upshur House, Washington, DC, 1971. From left: Catherine Erickson, Carl Rapkins, Farley and Betsy Jones, Neil and Rebecca Salonen, George and Hillie Edwards, Jackie Stock, Jon Schuhart and Judith Lejune.

Fatherís Words during the Hawaii 12-Day Seminar July 2001 (Sun Myung Moon)

Standing on My Foundation (Sun Myung Moon)

A Proclamation by the President of the United States of America -- Parents' Day 2001

A Walk in the Woods: Finding Heavenly Father on the Appalachian Trail

Archbishop Milingo's Honeymoon at Cheju Island

Book Review - Vulgarians at the Gate

Cameroon: World Peace Public Library Project

DP Volume 5 * Part 7

Gardening Tips

Hyun Jin Nim in NYC Calls for Counter-Countercultural Revolution

IIFWP Friendship Americaís Project in Guatemala

In Memoriam Tom Iversen - Creating a Life Worth Remembering

Korean Congress Address

New Inter Religious Theological School at Cheong Pyeong

Report on the Ministry of Archbishop Emmanuel Milingo

Seven Values for a Growing Church

Simplified Pledge

Standing on My Foundation

Statement by the American Clergy Leadership Conference

Statement Concerning Incorrect Presentation of Unification Teaching on Jesus Christ

The Boy and the Bully

The Providential Significance of the Three World Wars

The Role of Parents in Todayís Society

Unificationism: The Television Show

World CARP - Hyun Jin Nimís Tour: Service for Peace

World CARP President Hyun Jin Moon Speaks to the New York Rally

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