Articles From the May 1994 Unification News

 Table of Contents

A Milestone in the Unification Church's Self-Understanding

Blessed Children Witness Tragedy on San Francisco Bay

Federation for World Peace Second World Peace Conference - Peace and the 21st Century

HSA-UWC Celebrates Her 40th Anniversary in Seoul

In Jin Nim and Jin Sung Nim Bring True Love to the University of Chicago

Interview with Josette Shiner

Jin Sung Nim speaks at the University of Chicago Circle Campus

Living on the Dark Side of the Moon

Manhattan Center War Stories - The Battle At Mirror Gate

Morehouse College

My Affidavit Prior To Deprogramming

NBC Defames Carp And The Unification Church Of America

On Abortion and Original Sin:

Public Access Cable and the Divine Principle: Last Days TV meets the Messiah

School in Korea

The Friendly Face Of Deadly High-Risk Sex Health And Human Services New $800,000 Condom Campaign Puts America At Risk

The Summit Council Report

True Mother Speaks at Chicago State University

Wake Up In Waco

WFWP Publishes First In A Series Of Booklets On Application Of Divine Principle To Everyday Life

Tparents Home

Moon Family Page

Unification Library