Articles From the November 1994 Unification News

 Table of Contents

"Kodan Bazaar" held at Belvedere

"Then There Was Silence"

12 Korean Regional Leaders in UTS

12th Anniversary of 8000 Couples in DC

A Plea to All Who Staffed the Baltic and Crimean Seminars

Abortion Funding Debate at UTS

Africa Festival Starts CARP at Laney

Art Of Virtue

Breaking the Chain of the Battered Wife Syndrome

Ceasefire! Fulfilling a Prophecy of World Peace


Dissecting Doctrines

Father's Legacy at UTS

From the Bottom Back Up

Heart Matters in the Russian Providence

In Search of True Parents

Insights Into The Afterlife into Second Printing

Melting the Heartbeat in Rwanda

Needed: Character Education in Schools

New Workshop Vision Provides Hope for an Internal Thanksgiving Feast

Out of Africa: A Missionary Returns

Profile of an Author: An Interview with Larry Witham

Pursuing a Doctorate in a Busy Life

Quinn Books

Reevaluating Subject, Object and You

Satan's Strategy

School Choice for Inner-City Kids

Send the Quinns to Rev. Ahn

Social Service Projects of World CARP-Chicago

Strong Leadership and the Keys to Managing Change

Sunday School: If You Build It...They Will Come

The Ancestors Rock for Rwanda

The Challenge of Effective Campus Work

The Long Road to Pyongyang

The Need for Prayer...Now More Than Ever

The Profundity of Transcribing Father's Speeches

The Resolution Of The Two-Party System: Marriage As A Model For Political Society

Three Andy Morris Poems

Three Seminars for Mongolian Educators and Students

Unconventional Child Rearing

When Your Heart Chills Out, Part 1

Tparents Home

Moon Family Page

Unification Library