The Words of the Burton Family

 Table of Contents

A Purity Pledge Ceremony To Empower Our Second Generation (Kathleen Burton)

CARP Victory at Madison (Doug Burton, Christine Hempowicz and Jim Osborne - July 1983)

Report on leaders' meeting at UTS (David Burton - July, 1999)

Unification Thought's Methodology and the Dual Characteristics (David Burton - 2004)

What is the Matter? - Understandings of Matter in Unification Thought and Modern Physics (David Burton - 2005)

“Help Is On The Way” Reflection on the Inauguration of Dr. In Jin Moon - Comments on Inauguration of Dr. In Jin Moon as Chairman of FFWPU America (Doug Burton - August 30, 2008)

Unificationist Scouts Camp in the Snow at Dolly Sods, West Virginia (Douglas Burton - March 1, 2009)

On this Day in History: HSA-UWC Founded in Seoul (Douglas Burton - May 1, 2009)

First Day of the Original Divine Principal Workshop in Las Vegas (Douglas Burton - June 8, 2009)

Unified Family in Maryland Releases Good Samaritan Film (Douglas Burton - June 14, 2009)

“Moonie” Still Stings, but Unificationists Stand Taller in the Headlines in 2009 (Douglas Burton - June 17, 2009)

Think Globally, Make Sushi Locally, Japanese Unificationists Say (Douglas Burton - July 14, 2009)

Unificationists Expose Crisis of Faith-Breaking in Japan (Douglas Burton - August 7, 2009)

Christian and Muslim Clergy Light Candles to Honor the Heroes at Ground Zero on 9/11 (Douglas Burton - September 11, 2009)

Rev. Moon Launches his Life Story at Gala in Washington (Celine Tardy and Douglas Burton - October 6, 2009)

Blessing Coverage Flashed from East to West on October 14, 2009 (Douglas Burton - October 16, 2009)

Church Member Freed from Kidnappers in Osaka (Douglas Burton - November 6, 2009)

Unificationists Serve in Iraq and Afghanistan on Veterans Day (Douglas Burton - November 11, 2009)

The Night Ted Patrick Disciples Took Me for a Ride (Doug Burton - December 2009)

Ambassadors for Peace Get a Taste of Lovin’ Life (Douglas Burton - December 4, 2009)

UPF Urged to Raise a Generation of Peace (Douglas Burton - December 7, 2009)

40-Year Veterans of Faith Honored by Washington Family Church (Douglas Burton - December 17, 2009)

2009 In Review (Doug Burton - December 31, 2009)

Looking At 2009 In Review (Doug Burton - January 11, 2010)

Unificationists Rally to Aid Quake Victims (Douglas Burton - January 19, 2010)

Unificationists in Haiti Battle Dehydration and the Stench of Death (Douglas Burton - January 22, 2010)

ACLC Clergy Urged to Raise up a Generation of Peace (Douglas Burton - January 23, 2010)

Could Unification of North and South Korea Happen by 2013? (Douglas Burton - January 27, 2009)

Two Unification Church Members Mourned in Haiti (Douglas Burton - January 30, 2009)

Haitian Church Thanks US Supporters for Wire Transfers (Douglas Burton - February 2, 2010)

Washington-based Rights Group Condemns Kidnappings in Japan (Douglas Burton - February 12, 2010)

National Public Radio Focuses a Spotlight on Unification's Second Generation (Douglas Burton - February 17, 2010)

News of Rev. Sun Myung Moon's 90th Birthday Bash Travelled with True Speed (Douglas Burton - February 23, 2010)

Unification Church Gains New Legal Status in Portugal (Douglas Burton - February 26, 2010)

In Belarus a Brave Band of Believers Tell Their Story to a Nation (Douglas Burton - March 2, 2010)

In Remembrance of Gen. Alexander Haig, Jr. (1924-2010) (Douglas Burton, Michael Mickler, and the Summit Council for World Peace - March 3, 2010)

Tokyo Resident Believed to be the Latest Kidnap Victim in Japan (Douglas Burton - March 10, 2010)

Japan's Kidnapping Issue Moves Higher on U.S. State Department Radar (Douglas Burton - March 23, 2010)

Witnessing Summit Participants Receive Tools to Spread the "Breaking News" (Douglas Burton - March 26, 2010)

Reverend Moon Proclaims a New Era in Three-City Speaking Tour (Douglas Burton - April 5, 2010)

Three Unificationists Believed to Be Holding Out in Confinement (Douglas Burton - April 12, 2010)

Victims of Kidnapping in Japan Lead Marches and Demonstrations (Douglas Burton - April 21, 2010)

Japanese Buddhist Leader Denounces Religious Intolerance in Japan (Douglas Burton - May 5, 2010)

Confinement Tactics May Have Claimed Three More Victims in Japan (Douglas Burton - May 10, 2010)

Japanese Buddhist Priest Calls for Prosecution of Forced-Conversion Professionals (Douglas Burton - May 12, 2010)

U.S. Unificationist Voices Fear of Visiting In-laws in Japan (Douglas Burton - May 19, 2010)

Personal Note on In Jin Nim in Sao Paolo (Douglas Burton - June 7, 2010)

True Parents Send Rev. In Jin Moon to São Paulo (Douglas Burton - June 9, 2010)

Young Unificationists Step into the Limelight at "Arts Explosion" (Douglas Burton - June 23, 2010)

Unification Theological Seminary Gains New Standing Among Schools of Theology (Douglas Burton - July 8, 2010)

Memorial Services Held for Forced-Conversion Victim Who Died in Captivity (Douglas Burton - July 11 2010)

University of Oregon Website Lets Unificationists Tell Their Story of Love and Marriage (Douglas Burton and Tiffany Takao - July 20, 2010)

World Assembly Proclamation Celebrates Dawn of New Era (Douglas Burton - July 24, 2010)

Founder's Autobiography Sparks Spiritual Rebirth for New York Unificationist (Douglas Burton - August 30, 2010)

Clergy and Unificationists Protest Planned Qur'an-burning in Florida (Douglas Burton - September 9, 2010)

Unificationist Sports Tournament Aims to Rival the Olympic Games (Douglas Burton - September 9, 2010)

Unificationists and Muslims Call on Baptist Pastor in Dallas (Douglas Burton - September 12, 2010)

Clergy's Call for a Day of Reverence Sparks Ecumenical Activism (Douglas Burton - September 13, 2010)

Rep. Clarke Tells Women Leaders to Stand for Women's Reproductive Health (Douglas Burton - September 29, 2010)

Scores of Unificationist Youth Heading to Korea for Marriage Ceremony (Douglas Burton - October 8, 2010)

Korean TV Documents the reality of Japan's Forced-Conversion Scandal (Douglas Burton - October 12 2010)

Clergy and Rights Activists Hold Press Briefing at Japanese Consulate (Douglas Burton - October 13, 2010 pdf)

Kook Jin Moon Speaks at San Francisco Bay Area Church (Douglas Burton - November 4, 2010)

Abduction Victim Escapes Confinement in Japan (Douglas Burton - January 12, 2011)

Reclaiming of America's Spiritual Heritage Urged at Washington, D.C. Lovin' Life Rally (Douglas Burton - January 16, 2011)

Rev. In Jin Moon to Give Keynote Address at Women's Conference in Costa Rica (Douglas Burton - January 22, 2011)

The Hand That Rocks The Cradle Can Raise a Generation of Peace (Douglas Burton - January 23, 2011)

Costa Ricans Encouraged to Start Revolution of Love in Central America (Douglas Burton - January 24, 2011 pdf)

The Hand That Rocks The Cradle Can Raise a Generation of Peace (Douglas Burton - January 24, 2011 pdf)

God's Day and Advent of Lunar New Year Celebrated Jointly in 2011 (Douglas Burton - February 2, 2011)

God’s Day and Advent of Lunar New Year Celebrated Jointly in 2011 (Douglas Burton - February 2, 2011 pdf)

Arranged Marriages of Rev. and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon Featured on Iowa TV (Douglas Burton - February 11, 2011)

Lovin’ Life Ministries and Special Task Force Plan Rocky Mountain Rally (Douglas Burton - February 22, 2001 pdf)

STF Provides Well-Rounded Development for College-Age Youth (Douglas Burton - February 22, 2011)

Is love not allowed, if you believe in different religions? (Douglas Burton - February 23, 2011 pdf)

Abduction Victims Tell Their Stories on New Jersey TV (Douglas Burton - March 2, 2011)

Thousands Gather in Las Vegas for Rev. Moon’s Kickoff Event (Douglas Burton - March 3, 2011 pdf)

Father Moon Proclaims Las Vegas the Target of Heavenly Development at National Assembly (Douglas Burton - March 7, 2011 pdf)

Rev. Hyung Jin Moon Leads Experiential Worship in Las Vegas (Douglas Burton - March 7, 2011)

Father Moon Proclaims Las Vegas the Target of Heavenly Development at National Assembly (Douglas Burton - March 8, 2011 pdf)

Rev. Hyung Jin Moon Leads Experiential Worship in Las Vegas (Douglas Burton - March 9, 2011)

Bush Administration Official to Speak at Human Rights Event in Bowie, Maryland (Douglas Burton - March 11, 2011)

Rev. Moon Prays with Members in the Boat That Survived the Wave (Douglas Burton - March 22, 2011 pdf)

Human-Rights Activist To Assist Quake Relief in Japan (Douglas Burton - March 25, 2011)

Coalitions of Unificationists Volunteer for Aid to Japan (Douglas Burton - March 29, 2011 pdf)

Fruits of Lovin’ Life Ministry Evident after Two Years (Douglas Burton - April 5, 2011 pdf)

Image of Reverend Sun Myung Moon Greets Drivers in Sin City (Douglas Burton - April 20, 2011)

Celebrity Floral Design Featured at Japan-Aid Fest in Maryland (Doug Burton - April 26, 2011 pdf)

Unificationists Make Common Cause at Japan-Aid Festival in Maryland (Douglas Burton - May 4, 2011 pdf)

Are we proud of True Parents? (Doug Burton - May 12, 2011)

Rev. Sun Myung Moon Brings His Message to Las Vegas after World Tour (Douglas Burton - May 18, 2011)

Rev. Sun Myung Moon Keynote Speaker at Aria Hotel on Saturday - Benefit Slot Tournament and Black-tie Gala to Help Salvation Army (Doug Burton - May 20, 2011)

Testimonies Of Those Who Attended The May 21st Events (Doug Burton and Celine Tardy - May 21, 2011 pdf)

Rev. Sun Myung Moon Predicts Planetary Awakening in 2013 (Douglas Burton - May 22, 2011 pdf)

Rev. Sun Myung Moon Predicts Planetary Awakening in 2013 (Douglas Burton and Celine Tardy - May 22, 2011 pdf)

Japan Abduction Scandal Discussed at Conference in Geneva (Douglas Burton - June 1, 2011)

Young Unificationist Gives Tribute to True Parents on You Tube (Douglas Burton and Daniel Kwang Ju Franklin - June 28, 2011)

Faith Breakers Confronted By Unificationists at Cult Conference in Kyoto (Douglas Burton - July 6, 2011 pdf)

A Story to Tell the Nations (Douglas Burton - July 19, 2011 pdf)

Scholars to Publish Report on the New Leadership of Unification Church (Douglas Burton - August 12, 2011)

Detroit Clergy Rally to Turn Back Murder Wave in their City (Douglas Burton and David Kasbow - August 23, 2011 pdf)

Unificationists Respond Quickly to Skewed Story in Las Vegas Sun (Doug Burton - September 2, 2011 pdf)

Labor Day Was Outreach Day for Lovin’ Life in Maryland (Douglas Burton - September 7, 2011 pdf)

Lovin’ Life in Washington, D.C. Rings the Bell for America’s Heroes on 9/11 (Douglas Burton - September 13, 2011 pdf)

Las Vegas Church Spokesman Shares the Breaking News on Public Radio (Douglas Burton - September 16, 2011 pdf)

Christian Clergy Testify to Rev. Moon and Speak in Korean Cities (Douglas Burton - September 20, 2011 pdf)

Sex-Trafficking Conference Organized by Young Unificationist Makes News in Reno (Douglas Burton - September 30, 2011 pdf)

Cult vs. religion: what's the difference? (Douglas Burton - October 18, 2011 pdf)

Kingdom Building Conference Provides Spiritual Renewal at Atlantic City (Douglas Burton - October 20, 2011 pdf)

Unificationists Call for National Effort to Combat Human Trafficking (Douglas Burton - October 24, 2011 pdf)

Revolution of God's Word Proclaimed in Atlantic City (Doug Burton - November 9, 2011)

Newark Students Denounce Human Rights Crimes in Japan (Doug Burton - November 16 2011)

Sex-trafficking and Internet Porn To Be Addressed at Pastors’ Forum (Douglas Burton - December 2, 2011 pdf)

Grassroots Projects Expose Sex Trafficking and Call for Action (Douglas Burton - December 6, 2011 pdf)

Unificationists Prepare For Satellite Participation in the 2012 Unification Church Marriage Blessing (Douglas Burton - March 7, 2012 pdf)

Blessing 2012 Gathers Media Attention Across the Nation (Yoshie Manaka and Doug Burton - March 26, 2012 pdf)

Leaders’ Conference in New York Featured Best Practices for Ministry (Doug Burton and Ariana Moon - April 17, 2012 pdf)

Lovin’ Life Pastors to Meet with Editors of the Daily Pennsylvanian (Douglas Burton - May 2, 2012 pdf)

True Love washes away newspaper controversy in Philadelphia (Doug Burton, Leighton DeGoede, and Crescentia DeGoede - May 9, 2012 pdf)

Women’s Federation Activists Join Quake Relief Fundraiser (Douglas Burton - May 31, 2012 pdf)

July 1st Lovin' Life Gala Celebrates the Heroes of 1982 Blessing (Douglas Burton - June 19, 2012 pdf)

Kiss Seen Round the World Marked 30th Anniversary of 8,000 Couples (Douglas Burton - July 2, 2012 pdf)

Divine Principle Seminars Sprout across the Country (Doug Burton, Ann Iparraguirre and Leighton DeGoede - July 23, 2012 pdf)

Lovin’ Life Ministries of Metro D.C. Reaches out with Summer Fest (Douglas Burton - August 22, 2012 pdf)

Teens Francis Marchitelli, Robert Abendroth, and Luke Scazzero Hung their Pride Banner over Interstate 50 in Bowie, Maryland (Douglas Burton - September 4, 2012 pdf)

American Clergy Pay Their Respects to Father Moon on Holy Ground (Douglas Burton - September 13, 2012 pdf)

Unificationists Launch New Era of Self-Governance (Douglas Burton and Krista Moon - October 24, 2012 pdf)

The Kingdom-building Bus Was Leaving in 1972, and They Got on it (Douglas Burton - December 12, 2012 pdf)

Headquarters Staff Douglas Burton, Krista Karjalainen, Lymhwa Kim, Susan Bouachri, Naokimi Ushiroda, Tom Tanemori, Magnus Larsson and Ayako Heller Share “What the Holiday Season Means to Me”: Part Three (Ariana Moon - December 24, 2012 pdf)

Call for Papers to the Opinion Section (Douglas Burton - January 11, 2013 pdf)

Unificationists Join Citizen Protests of Sex Industry Billboard in Philadelphia (Douglas Burton - February 1, 2013 pdf)

Unificationists across the US will gather in 40 locations to celebrate the Marriage Blessing (Doug Burton and Krista Moon - February 7, 2013 pdf)

As Millions Say “No” to Marriage, Unificationists Say “I Do” (Contact: Douglas Burton - February, 12, 2013 pdf)

Yury H. organizes George Washington University chapter of Amnesty International's Report on Japan’s Abduction Issue (Douglas Burton - March 14, 2013 pdf)

George Washington University’s chapter of Amnesty International features survivors of religious kidnappings in Japan (Douglas Burton - March 20, 2013 pdf)

Anne Iparraguirre Announces a New Congregation in Elizabeth, New Jersey (Edited by Doug Burton - April 10, 2013 pdf)

Members Experiment with Part-time Pastors in Maryland and Ohio (Doug Burton and Krista Moon - April 19, 2013 pdf)

Sisterhood-Nations Chosen in Korea to Advance 2020 Project (Lymhwa Kim and Douglas Burton - May 7, 2013 pdf)

Interfaith Pilgrims Gather in Jerusalem for Peace (Doug Burton - May 15, 2013)

Interfaith Pilgrims Visit Jerusalem and Bethlehem (Doug Burton - May 16, 2013)

MEPI Interfaith Efforts Lauded by Religious, Civic Leaders in Jerusalem (Doug Burton - May 17, 2013)

"A Life Dedicated to Peace and Unification – Sun Myung Moon" on Korean TV (Douglas Burton - August 22, 2013 pdf)

40th Anniversaries of Day of Hope Tours (Douglas Burton - September 26, 2013 pdf)

1981 CARP Demonstration, an ‘October Surprise’ to Leftists in Bonn, Germany (Douglas Burton with contributions of Claus Dubisz and Christoph Wilkening - October 9, 2013 pdf)

Congratulations to ALL for the OPEN HOUSE! (Doug and Keiko Burton - November 30, 2013)

Shinyoung C. Simonds replaces Doug Burton as Director of Public Affairs for FFWPU USA (Michael Balcomb - January 14, 2014 pdf)

Celebrate the Life and Work of Rev. Sun Myung Moon (Dan Burton - August 12, 2014 pdf)

New Hope Family Church Engages Wedding Center for Interfaith Holy Marriage Blessing 2015 (Douglas Burton - January 13, 2015 pdf)

Foundation Day 2015 Blessing Ceremony: Congratulations to the Newly Blessed Couples (Dan Burton - March 3, 2015 pdf)

UTS Stained-Glass Windows Given a New Home (Douglas Burton - April 15, 2015 pdf)

Project Fusion at UTS Barrytown, April 17th -19th (Douglas Burton and Jin Kwon Kim - April 16, 2015 pdf)

Project Fusion mentoring program at Barrytown (Douglas Burton and Jin Kwon Kim - April 19, 2015 pdf)

"Who wants to make an impact?" (Doug Burton - April 24, 2015 pdf)

Seminary's Graduation Returns to the Barrytown Campus (Douglas Burton - April 25, 2015 pdf)

University of Bridgeport recruits students from defunct Barrytown College (Douglas Burton - May 7, 2015 pdf)

UTS Commencement: Bill Gertz to receive honorary doctorate (Doug Burton and Henry Christopher - May 14, 2015 pdf)

Graduates-to-be Testify to UTS as an Interfaith Seminary (Douglas Burton and Drissa Kone - May 21, 2015 pdf)

Barrytown College Undergrads Wave Poetic Farewell (Douglas Burton - May 26, 2015 pdf)

Unification Theological Seminary Graduation (Douglas Burton - May 26, 2015 pdf)

Adam Francis Plummer: Champion of faith, family and freedom (Douglas Burton - June 5, 2015 pdf)

UTS Alumni Gather in Maryland to discuss the future of UTS (Douglas Burton - June 28, 2015 pdf)

Iran's young have been raised to aspire to international terrorism (Douglas Burton - June 28, 2015 pdf)

UTS Satellite Center at Clinton Maryland Holds Convocation (Douglas Burton - September 28, 2015 pdf)

Alumni Discuss Civic Engagement at Values Voter Summit (Douglas Burton - October 7, 2015 pdf)

Pietro Marchitelli Launches Second Career as Novelist (Douglas Burton - October 21, 2015 pdf)

UTS alumni presenters and attendees at the Top Gun Advance Conference (Douglas Burton - November 8, 2015 pdf)

UTS Alumni manage God-given programs in the Washington, D.C. area (Doug Burton - November 20, 2015 pdf)

Professional partnerships in MD provide internships to UTS grads (Doug Burton - March 23, 2016 pdf)

Douglas Burton wins International Journalists Prize for Reporting on Kazakhstan (Astana Times - July 12, 2016 pdf)

Evolution and Unification Thought (David Burton - August 22, 2016 pdf)

A study in nuclear contrast - Pyongyang, North Korea seeks an atomic bomb while Astana, Kazakhstan leads in nonproliferation (Douglas Burton - September 22, 2016 pdf)

Christmas Trees Make a Comeback in Iraq (Doug Burton - December 24, 2016 pdf)

Unification Ontology without Plato Part 1: Retiring Plato (David Burton - 2017 pdf)

Army of Psychologists Needed after Liberation in Mosul (Douglas Burton - February 7, 2017 pdf)

The Royal Road to Original Design: Divine Principle Post-Foundation Day and the Questions to be Asking (Kathleen Burton - May 1, 2017 pdf)

Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother: Two Gods or One? (David Burton - January 22, 2018 pdf)

Washington, DC Church on Columbia Road will be closed by June 1 (Douglas Burton - May 6, 2018 pdf)

First Step on the Royal Road: Living with God and the Angels (Kathleen Burton - May 28, 2018 pdf)

Boston, MA Family Church hosts Conference on Spirituality in Science and Technology (David Burton, Alison Wakelin and Andrew Combs - April 13, 2019 pdf)

The Abel Sphere in American History a tour of the U.S. Capitol Rotunda (Bernie Beall and Douglas Burton - April 30, 2019 pdf)

Remarks at the Heavenly Fortune and Enhancing the Country’s Prosperity by Opening the Way for the Safe Settlement of the Era of a Heavenly Unified Korea through the 2019 Hopeful March Forward Rally (Dan Burton - May 17, 2019 pdf)

How Persecuted Believers are 'Going Around' the Mainstream Press (Douglas Burton - August 19, 2019 pdf)

The Impossibility of God's Ideal Without Angels (Kathleen Burton - June 15, 2020 pdf)

New Hope Family Church: Doug Burton on Cops Under Siege - Unity in a Crisis (Jim Boothby - June 30, 2020 pdf)

Lofty ideals are embodied in Dr. Moon's lifelong dedication to solving human conflict (Dan Burton - September 27, 2020 pdf)

Greetings to the Hyojeong Youth Blessing Festival hosted by True Parents (Dan and Samia Burton - March 27, 2021 pdf)

Harnessing the Potential of Divine Principle (David Burton - April 12, 2021 pdf)

How to Meet My Ancestors: A Theory of Spirit - Spirit World Machine (David Burton - August 7, 2022 pdf)

Let's Raise our Voices for Religious Freedom! (Dan Burton - December 17, 2022 pdf)

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