The Words of the Gullery Family

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Unification Church Bookstore In New York (Jonathan Gullery - February 1982)

Life of Pi (Janna Gullery - November, 2003)

SFP Global PeaceMakers Project in Honduras Involves the Whole Community (Janna Gullery and Carolina Castro - January 17, 2009)

A Prize in International Development Goes to an SFP Staff Member Janna Gullery for Her Outstanding Performance (Gareth Davies - September 26, 2009)

Disagreements About Ways To Express Our Faith (Debby Gullery - April 2010)

Overcoming a broken blessing (Debby Gullery - June 2010)

Looking for Joy (Debby Gullery - August 2010)

Frustrated and in Love (Debby Gullery - October 2010)

Dear Debby -- Ready for Marriage? (Debby Gullery - February 2011)

Win a Free Volunteer Trip To Central America (Janna Gullery - May 28, 2011 pdf)

Spiritual Intimacy (Debby Gullery - April 2011)

Marriage - A Constant Investment (Debby Gullery - June 2011)

Being Pro-active (Debby Gullery - August 2011)

Special Message from Our Very Own Janna Gullery (August 22, 2011 pdf)

The A-W-E Factor (Debby Gullery - October 2011)

Volunteer in the Dominican Republic this winter on a Global PeaceMakers program (Janna Gullery - October 3, 2011 pdf)

The In-Laws (Debby Gullery - December 2011)

What does my marriage have to do with Foundation Day? (Debby Gullery - January 2012)

Families Coping with Alcoholism Step Out of Trouble with Al-Anon (Debbie Gullery - January 17, 2012 pdf)

Watch PeaceMakers Be the Change - Reserve Your Spot for This Summer (Janna Gullery - March 24, 2012 pdf)

Service For Peace Wishes You An Awesome Volunteer Week! (Janna Gullery - May 19, 2012 pdf)

Sharing the Blessing on TLC (Debby Gullery - July 2012)

Headquarters Staff Jonathan Gullery, Koichi Nakai, Shinyoung Chang and Leehee Wolf Share “What the Holiday Season Means to Me”: Part Two (Ariana Moon - December 20, 2012 pdf)

Jonathan Gullery's Footprints of True Parents’ Providence Book Chronicles High Points of the Providence (Krista Moon - February 7, 2013 pdf)

Debby Gullery leaves the Blessing and Family Ministry and starts a private practice (Crescentia DeGoede - May 27, 2014 pdf)

Marriage and Family Life Corner (Debby Gullery - June 8, 2014 pdf)

One-day marriage enrichment seminar in Worcester, New York (Debby Gullery - November 11, 2014)

Marriage Blessing Workshop in Atlanta (Debby Gullery - February 28, 2015 pdf)

WestRock Hosts Level 1 Blessing Workshop (Debby Gullery - June 28, 2015 pdf)

Small Steps to Bigger Love (Debby Gullery - July 22, 2015 pdf)

Rock Your Marriage Small Group and Book (Debby Gullery - March 14, 2016 pdf)

Belvedere Family Church Hosts Matching Education Workshop (Debby Gullery - April 23, 2016 pdf)

A Marriage Seminar to Make Every Day Valentine’s Day (Debby Gullery - February 18, 2017 pdf)

Marriage as our Spiritual Practice (Debby Gullery - April 2017 pdf)

Engaged Couples Prepare with Excitement for the September 7 Cosmic Blessing (John Williams and Debby Gullery - June 25, 2017 pdf)

Guiding Children Through Life and Marriage (Debby Gullery - December 2, 2017 pdf)

Interview of Jonathan Gullery about His Life and His Silent Meditation Album (Richard Buessing - July 19, 2018 pdf)

Oh, The Questions We Ask! (Debby Gullery - March 7, 2019 pdf)

How to Change Your Partner (Debby Gullery - April 4, 2019 pdf)

Talking Points: Notice Your Communication Style and the Power of Your Words (Debby Gullery - July 31, 2019 pdf)

Article: Are We Having Fun Yet? (Unificationists may have an aversion to fun) (Debby Gullery - November 8, 2019 pdf)

Couples and Core Beliefs (Debby Gullery - December 6, 2019 pdf)

The Best Valentine's Day Gift is Forgiveness (Debby Gullery - February 18, 2020 pdf)

Maintenance Matters (Debby Gullery - March 6, 2020 pdf)

WFWP USA: Learn the Secrets of Great Storytelling - presented by Debby Gullery (Angelika Selle - July 10, 2020 pdf)

WFWP USA: Learn the Secrets of Great Storytelling presented by Debby Gullery (Angelika Selle - July 26, 2020 pdf)

Documents about our July 1, 1982 Madison Square Garden Blessing with 2,075 Couples (Jonathan and Debby Gullery - July 1, 2021 pdf)

FFWPU USA Blessing & Family Ministry: Debby Gullery's Marriage Works Series (Yun-A Johnson - April 18, 2022 pdf)

FFWPU USA Blessing and Family Ministry: Marriage Works with Debby Gullery (Yun-A Johnson - September 1, 2022 pdf)

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