The Words of the Porter Family

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We moved into the new center in Italy (Dawn Porter - November 27, 1969)

Carlo Zaccarelli left for his mission in Syria (Martin Porter - January 31, 1970)

We celebrated Parent's Day in Rome (Martin Porter - April 14, 1970)

This month has been very full of great events (Martin Porter - June 30, 1970)

It was very nice and interesting to have the missionary from Moscow with us for a few days (Dawn Porter - August 2, 1970)

We are going to Amsterdam to learn from their activities (Martin Porter - August 10, 1970)

We are marking a group condition for Italy's restoration (Martin Porter - September 25 1970)

National Report on Italy (Martin Porter - October 31 -- November 2, 1970)

We will go to Milan to see Barbara Burrowes off to Guiana, her new mission field (Martin and Dawn Porter - December 1, 1970)

More and more people come to the lecture (Martin Porter - March 25, 1971)

Young people are learning of the Divine Principle (Martin and Dawn Porter - May 2, 1971)

Our activities are mainly centered on studying and translating the new Divine Principle (Dawn Porter - July 29, 1971)

Interview with Cardinal Liu Pin of Taipei (Martin Porter - October 1971)

My trip brought new impetus to the Italian movement (Martin Porter - October 12, 1971)

What is printed at night is soon distributed during the day (Martin and Dawn Porter - January 31, 1972)

Parents visit to Italy (Martin Porter - May 3, 1972 pdf)

Prophecy in which Harassed Hitler Foresees Atomic War (Martin Porter - July 1972 pdf)

The Catholic Doctrine of the Devil (Martin Porter - October 1972 pdf)

We have started a great witnessing campaign (Martin Porter - October 1972 pdf)

Italian Family Report for February 1973 (Martin Porter - February 1973 pdf)

A New Culture, testimony given at Sun Myung Moon Christian Crusade's Celebration of Life (Marion Dougherty [Porter] - July 1974 pdf)

Canada at the Crossroad (Martin Porter and Barbara Christie-Peat - March 15, 1983)

Martin Porter and Paul Werner receive Doctor of Theology degrees (Nancy Neiland Barton - October 26, 1986)

Italian Beginnings (Martin Porter - 1987)

Testimony by Marion Porter (Wife Of Italian National Leader) (Circa 1988)

Our Life In The Dispensation (Martin Porter - January 25, 2004)

Moon: Time to Beat Swords Into Plowshares; 85-Year-Old Evangelist Proposes Bering Strait 'Peace Tunnel', Addresses Divisions in U.S., U.N. Reform in Initiative (Martin Porter - September 20, 2005)

Expression Of Gratitude And Short Bio Of Mrs. Porter (Martin Porter - October 7, 2006)

In Honor of Marion Porter (Chang Shik Yang - October 9, 2006)

Martin and Marion Porter - Exemplary 43 Couple (Michael Jenkins - October 9, 2006)

Marion Porter Ascended - Seung Hwa Notice (Chung Hwan Kwak - October 10, 2006)

Passing of our Beloved Brother, Martin Porter (Michael Balcomb - March 25, 2013 pdf)

Regarding the Memorial for Martin Porter (March 26, 2013)

In Memorium: Martin Porter 1942-2013 (Douglas Burton and Franco Famularo - March 24, 2013 pdf)

In Memorium: Martin Porter 1942-2013 (Douglas Burton and Franco Famularo - March 26, 2013 different version pdf)

In Memorium: Martin Porter 1942-2013 (Douglas Burton in New York and Franco Famularo in Montreal - March 26, 2013 pdf)

Eulogy for my father, Martin Porter (Tim Porter - March 30, 2013)

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