The Words of David S. C. Kim

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Words written by Reverend Sun Myung Moon to his first foreign missionary, [David] Sang Chul Kim, on his departure [from South Korea to his mission in Great Britain] (September 15, 1954 pdf)

Speech by [David] Sang Chul Kim from Apostolic Herald magazine, September, 1955 and Mr. Kim and Pastor McCabe from cover of Apostolic Herald magazine. November 1956 (pdf)

Korean Report by Pastor J. McCabe - Report on the Unification Church which Pastor McCabe visited South Korea at David San Chul Kim's invitation. [David San Chul Kim was the Unification Church's Missionary in Great Britain at the time.] (November 1956 pdf)

David S.C. Kim Arrives as the Second Missionary to America (Sunhak Institute of History - September 18, 1959 pdf)

Our Determination as Heavenly Soldiers in the Year of 1970 (David S. C. Kim, Nora Martin [Spurgin], Farley Jones, Neil Winterbottom, Barry Cohen and Virginia M. Brennan - January 1, 1970)

The Establishment of HSA (Holy Spirit Association) and My Role as one of the Original Participants (July 1970)

The birth of the first western second-generation babies (June I, 1970 - Clearfield, Utah)

It was very encouraging to see old members who are still dedicated to our Movement (July 30, 1970 - Clearfield, Utah)

Missionary David S.C. Kim Came to Korea (August 10, 1970)

My Ten Day Visit to Korea (August 21, 1970)

West Coast Annual Conference in America (December 27, 1970)

Thinking of the New Year, 1971 (January 1971)

Day of All Things (David S.C. Kim - May 23, 1971)

Report on VOC activities (June 1971 - Oakland, California)

The System of the Ideal World: The Meaning of the Separation of the Three Powers, The Legislative, Executive, and Judiciary, as viewed from the Principles (January 1972)

Let Us Unite Into One (January 1, 1972)

Master is organizing the American movement for his evangelical tour (February 1972 pdf)

Report from One World Crusade and list of pioneer missionaries (April 1, 1972 pdf)

Marching Across this Great Land to Make it Free (May 1, 1972 pdf)

One World Crusade Is Marching On (July 17, 1972 pdf)

Young Christians Strive to Unify World with Love -- David SC Kim (Roger Clawson - September 6, 1972 pdf)

One World Crusade Wins Victory in Utah (September 17, 1972 pdf)

Crusade for World Unity Staged in Boise, Idaho (Pat Wynn - September 21, 1972 pdf)

Mobile Unit II activities from October 7 to October 23 in Oregon and California (David S.C. Kim - October 23, 1972 pdf)

One World Crusade Evangelizes Arizona, New Mexico, Texas (December 3, 1972 pdf)

New Mobile Teams and leadership changes in the USA (December 15, 1972 pdf)

Summary of the Third Pioneer Training Program in the USA (December 27, 1972 pdf)

News from Belvedere and Washington, DC (David S.C. Kim - January 20, 1973 pdf)

Notes from the One World Crusade in America by David S.C. Kim (David Carlson - February 3, 1973 pdf)

One World Crusade Progressing Rapidly in America (David S. C. Kim - March 10, 1973 pdf)

Our Leader's news from San Francisco and Belvedere (David SC Kim - March 10, 1973 pdf)

Our Leader's Activities in the US (David SC Kim - April 13, 1973 pdf)

Leader's American 21-city speaking tour beginning October 1 (David SC Kim - July 1973 pdf)

Two IOWC units of 40 members each were formed at Belvedere on July 4 (David SC Kim - August 5, 1973 pdf)

Where to Turn Ourselves in a Time of Crisis (David S.C. Kim - December 14, 1973 pdf)

HSA-UWC -- A 20-Year Perspective (David S.C. Kim - May 1974 pdf)

The Founding of HSA-UWC (June 1974)

Rising New Leaders and the World's Destiny (David S.C. Kim - August 1974 pdf)

120 Japanese students at annual International Leadership Seminar in Barrytown (David S.C. Kim - July 31, 1975 pdf)

Unification Theological Seminary Affirmations (David SC Kim - February 1977 pdf)

Restored Christianity as a Counterproposal to Expanding Marxism (David S.C. Kim - February 1978 pdf)

My Early Days in the Unification Church (May 1, 1984)

UTS Granted Provisional Charter -- David S. C. Kim (William Brunhofer and Susan Cugini - November 21, 1986)

David S. C. Kim at UTS Graduation 1988 (Victoria Clevenger - June 30, 1988)

David S. C. Kim: Unification Theological Seminary Receives Absolute Charter (Jennifer P. Tanabe - January 17, 1990)

In the Power and Authority of True Parents (1994)

"Let Us Give Thanks in Everything to God and Our True Parents" (This is the Will of God for Us) (November 9, 1995)

Let Us Work Together For Good (October 15, 1996)

Let Us Work Together For Good (October 15, 1996)

I served the Unification Theological Seminary for the twenty years of 1974 - 1994 (David Sang Chul Kim - August 2000 pdf)

New Book "The Words of David S.C. Kim" Available (March 1, 2010)

An Early Foreign Visitor to the Church in Seoul (June 2010)

An Early Foreign Visitor to the Church in Seoul (David S. C. Kim - June 2010 pdf)

Biography of David S.C. Kim Follows Path of a Heavenly General (Jack LaValley - November 23, 2010)

UTS Alumni and Friends celebrate Dr. David S. C. Kim's 96th year (Anthony and Donna Ferrantello - December 17, 2010)

Eui Hong Kang Kim, wife of Dr. David S.C. Kim, ascended today (Rob and Laura Brooks - December 18, 2010)

Mrs. Eui Hong Kim's Passing (Joshua Cotter - December 21, 2010 pdf)

Sung Hwa Ceremony for Grandma Kim -- National Seung Hwa Ceremony for Kang Eui Hong (Mrs. David Kim) (Kevin Thompson - December 23, 2010)

David S. C. Kim's wife, Eui Hong Kang Kim passed (Bruce Grodner - December 26, 2010)

In Memoriam: Kang Eui Hong (Kim), 1918-2010 (Kevin Thompson - December 29, 2010 pdf)

The October Hoondok Club…. a precious time of sharing with Dr. David S.C. Kim (October 7, 2011 pdf)

David Kim in coma (Gavin Hamnett - November 8, 2011)

Dr. David S.C. Kim's Ascension (Robert Brooks - November 8, 2011)

Dr. David Sang Chul Kim's Passing (Joshua Cotter - November 8, 2011 pdf)

Important Details about the Ascension Ceremony for Dr. David S. C. Kim (Joshua Cotter - November 9, 2011 pdf)

Former President David S. C. Kim Honored at Sung Hwa Ceremony in Unification Theological Seminary (November 10, 2011 pdf)

Dr. David Sang Chul Kim – in memory of, an appreciation (Hans Campman - November 10, 2011)

David S.C. Kim: an appreciation re: Wales first Unification Church mission country (Christopher Davies - November 10, 2011)

A Tribute to Dr. David S.C. Kim (Michael Mickler - November 11, 2011)

Biography of Dr. David S. C. Kim (1915-2011) (Jennifer P. Tanabe - November 11, 2011)

The Sung Hwa for Dr. David S. C. Kim, first President of UTS (November 11, 2011 - Lots of photos pdf)

Biography of David Sang Chul Kim (November 18, 2011 pdf)

On Thanksgiving Day: A Tribute to Dr. Kim (Donna Ferrantello - November 24, 2011)

UTS Alumni Weekend: Memorial Service on Sunday May 27th (June 1, 2012)

HK House Archive and Study Center (October 12, 2012)

David S.C. Kim's 100th (Matthew Formby - November 11, 2015 pdf)

A Man with a Mission – Part 1 (David Sang Chul Kim - May 31, 2017 pdf)

A Man with a Mission – Part 2 (David Sang Chul Kim - June 7, 2017 pdf)

A Man with a Mission – Part 3 (David Sang Chul Kim - June 14, 2017 pdf)

A Man with a Mission – Part 4 (David Sang Chul Kim - June 21, 2017 pdf)

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