The Words of Joong Hyun Pak

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Seeking God's Love, Life, and Lineage

The Meaning of the Eight Beatitudes (March 1986)

Leaders experience fishing in Alaska (August 1986)

A Ph.D. in Theology Is Awarded to Rev. Joong Hyun Pak (Victoria Clevenger - December 12,1986)

Ordinary to Extraordinary (March 1987)

Why God Chose Canaan (January 8, 1989)

The Theology of Caleb (April 1989)

Hyo Jin Moon blesses the new workshop site: Camp Sunrise (Joong Hyun Pak and Hiroshi Matsuzaki - July 2, 1989)

Tribal Messiahs in True Parents' Age (August 1, 1989)

Tribal Messiahship in True Parents' Age (Joong Hyun Pak - August 7, 1989 pdf)

The Meaning of the Worldwide Level 40-Day Witnessing Condition (Joong Hyun Pak - October 14, 1990)

Tuesday Morning Meeting at UC Headquarters (2/6/91)

Remarks of Greeting and New Beginning (2/1/94)

The Safe Settlement of True Parents and the Completed Testament Age (2/27/94)

Inviting Generation X to Meet True Parents (3/94)

The Year of Great Blessing - North Korea and the Providence after Kim Il Sung (6/17/94)

The Passing On of the False Messiah (6/17/94)

Eternal Life (9/18/94)

A Letter of Reflection on 1994 (12/94)

A Letter on Our Hope for 1995 (1/95)

Invest In God's Word (1/28/95)

Chuk Sa Jang is Also for Us (2/26/95)

The Family Pledge (5/95)

The Fourth Beatitude: Seeking God's Love, Life, and Lineage (Jung Hyun Pak - Circa July, 1995)

The Sixth Beatitude, The Reconciliation of God and Humankind (7/95)

Address to the Sunday School Teachers (8/95)

The Sixth Beatitude, The Blessing of God to Humankind (8/95)

The Victory of Blessing (8/27/95)

The Spiritual World (10/8/95)

The Safe Settlement of True Parents and the Completed Testament Age (10/8/95)

Kingship and Royal Family (10/29/95)

The Fourfold Tao Principle (12/3/95)

The Year of Great Blessing - The Four-fold Ideal World (12/24/95)

Dawn of the New Millennium (2/96)

Dawn of the New Millennium (another part 3/96)

The Year of Great Blessing - The First Resurrection (5/1/96)

Womb Witnessing (6/96)

Why Do We Need "True Family Values"? (7/96)

Let Us Teach the Divine Principle and True Family Values (8/11/96)

A Perspective on Rev. Moon and his Life Work (8/31/96)

Our Pride, Our Love (10/1/96)

1996: A Great Year for the Providence (11/17/96)

The Year of Great Blessing (1/12/97)

Absolute Sex - Exploring Its Meaning (2/1/97)

A Brief History of True Parents (2/13/97)

From Disciple to Apostle (3/97)

God's Blueprint for a True Family (6/97)

Heavenly Registration is Coming Soon (6/24/97)

The Open Blessing or The Blessing Free to All (8/3/97)

Victorious March To RFK (11/97)

Seven Meanings of Blessing '97 (11/29/97)

True Parents Opened The Gate of The New Millennium (12/97)

Have A Heart Of Gratitude (1/98)

The Meaning of Pledge #8 (2/2/98)

The Resurrection of True Love (4/5/98)

The Significance Of Blessing '98 (6/21/98)

Blessing Instructions (6/25/98)

Paradigm Shift for the New Millennium (9/98)

The Affirmation of True Parents: A Confession of Faith (10/4/98)

True Parent's Course (11/98)

Understanding True Father's 50-Year Ministry (11/24/98)

Age Of Cosmic Peace (February, 1999)

Blessing '99 - The Completion of the 360 Million Couple Blessing February 14, 1999)

Forever Young (April, 1999)

New Heaven, New Earth, New World (June, 1999)

True Family Awards Banquet (December 2, 2007)

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